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50 Most Popular Restaurant Keywords

If you are trying to pick and choose which keywords to advertise on Google, Bing, or Yahoo; utilize the top 50 most popular restaurant keywords found below. Make sure to combine these keywords with popular  add-ons that apply to your business like: “near me”, “best”, “good”, “cheap”, “that deliver”, “in (your city)”, “that are open”, and “in the area” for a cheaper cost per click!

  1. Restaurant
  2. Restaurants
  3. Restaurants near me
  4. Mexican restaurant
  5. Mexican restaurant near me
  6. Mexican restaurants near me
  7. Chinese restaurant
  8. Indian restaurant
  9. Italian restaurant
  10. Chinese restaurants near me
  11. Restaurants depot
  12. Restaurant games
  13. Restaurants nearby
  14. Fast food restaurants
  15. Italian restaurants near me
  16. Breakfast restaurant
  17. Italian restaurant near me
  18. Vegetarian restaurants
  19. Thai restaurants
  20. Vegan restaurant
  21. Japanese restaurant
  22. Seafood restaurant
  23. Best restaurants near me
  24. Restaurants open near me
  25. Best restaurant near me
  26. Vegan restaurants
  27. Near restaurants
  28. Seafood restaurant near me
  29. Restaurants near me now
  30. Thai restaurant near me
  31. Restaurant com
  32. Vegan restaurants near me
  33. Vegetarian restaurants near me
  34. Korean restaurants
  35. Restaurant story
  36. Ihop restaurant
  37. Restaurant week
  38. Breakfast restaurants near me
  39. Vietnamese restaurant
  40. Restaurant that delivers near me
  41. Restaurants that deliver near me
  42. Breakfast restaurant near me
  43. Japanese restaurants near me
  44. Greek restaurants
  45. 99 Restaurants
  46. Michelin star restaurants
  47. BJs restaurant
  48. BJ’s restaurant
  49. Fast food restaurants near me
  50. Restaurant supplier

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