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Customer Data. Marketing Automation. Targeted Advertising. Online Engagement.

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Customer Data

Collecting your restaurant customers' demographic data gives you the insights you need to succeed as a restaurant owner in today's era of technology.

Understand More

Marketing Automation

Automating and individualizing your marketing promotes loyalty and engagement while allowing you to focus on what you love, running your restaurant.

Automate Outreach

Targeted Advertising

The data you collect becomes actionable when you combine it with online advertising tactics. We target more longtime fans to visit your business.

Attract Fans

Online Engagement

Utilize a multiple channel approach to contacting and engaging your customers. Dwell Digital helps you have a presence where your customers are.

Interact Better

  • Enhanced Customer Data

Know more about each customer at your restaurant

Getting the name of your customer is just the start. Dwell Digital will help you understand who your customer is and how often they're coming into your restaurant. Utilize this information to make better marketing decisions.


  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Visit Behavior
  • Age

Get informed

  • In-Depth Marketing Automation

Have more time to run
your restaurant

You became a restaurant owner to run a restaurant and serve delicious food. Dwell Digital helps you get back to the basics and automate tedious restaurant marketing tasks like sending emails and engaging with your customers.


  • Facebook Bot
  • Visit Behavior
  • WiFi Marketing
  • Loyalty Rewards

Save time

  • Superior Targeted Advertising

Attract new loyal fans
to your restaurant

We target and attract new customers who are more likely to visit your business multiple times. Dwell Digital focuses on customers who are going to spend a lot of money consistently over the years.


  • Facebook Ads
  • Real ROI
  • Optimization
  • Instagram Ads

Entice fans

  • ADvanced Online Engagement

Keep customers coming into your restaurant more often

Anyone can run your social media accounts, but professionals can do it effectively. Use Dwell Digital's tried and tested formula to turn your first time customer, into a repeat guest, and repeat guests into loyal fans.


  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Food Photography

Build loyalty

So what will Dwell Digital do for your restaurant...

We're constantly researching and learning new restaurant marketing technology to make your life easier

WiFi Marketing

We utilize the guest wifi that is already available at your business to collect customer contact info, provide data on how often they're visiting, and build loyalty through targeted messaging.

Reputation Management

We monitor your ratings and reviews on common review/social media sites and interact with customers who leave positive and negative reviews about their experience.

Facebook Advertising

We utilize data to target customers who are more likely to visit your establishment multiple times. We test and optimize each campaign to make the most use out of your money.

Transparent Reporting

We provide in-depth reports on a weekly basis to demonstrate the value we bring to your business. We want to show a real return on your investment from online marketing.

Web Design

We build beautiful websites for restaurants and franchises of all sizes. We create custom sites on an easy to use platform, so you can make changes if you decide to do so.

Social Media

We provide an online presence for your business where your customers hangout online. We connect you with more customers to build your brand and customer loyalty.

Site Tracking

We install tracking pixels on your website to track where your customers find you online and what they are interested in looking at on your restaurant's website.

Menu Design

We design unique menus for each business, demonstrating the branding that you've built while increasing your average revenue per customer that visits.

Facebook Bot

We build you a bot that automatically interacts with guests that visit your page, telling them where your business is, what the hours are, and much more.

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